panorama permaqua


  • Investigation of the permafrost environment in the regions of North and South Tyrol (province of Bolzano) through the development of a common sampling programme and the realization of a common databank containing all analytical results.
  • Release of guidelines for the estimation of natural danger situations arising in permafrost areas such as erosion and landslides, and derivation of general security rules for high mountain areas. Addressed to the various administrations of both North and South Tyrol regions (from municipal to provincial), the formulation of technical and legal directives for security plans in areas characterized by the presence of permafrost, particularly concerning drinking water and its protection and requirement zones. Evaluation of the need for the implementation of guidelines in the present legal context.
  • Information and awareness campaign addressed to politicians, administration managers and civic population concerning the ecological impact of permafrost melting and the damage produced to the environment. This will be accomplished by means of publications, conferences, organized excursions and an informative booklet. The booklet, addressed to municipal administrations and to national and natural parks visitors of both North and South Tyrol, will illustrate the health state of high altitude waters with particular emphasis to the differences between permafrost influenced water resources and not impacted waters.
  • Detailed modeling of the water balance, in order to detect the conveyance to the water supply of water coming from permafrost areas and elaboration of a manual for the utilisation and protection of drinking water coming from zones endangered by permafrost melting (e.g. mixing with waters of different origin, dilution, precipitation, filtration of the heavy metals).